Advantages of Rubber Rinse

Rubber surface offers a multitude of benefits and offers an alternative to concrete and asphalt.


The rubber is very malleable and therefore resistant to temperature changes. Does not discolour or crack and resist chlorine, salt and calcium.


The rubber coating is made from 100% recycled tires. This unique product reduces CO2 emissions without using big machinery.


Rubber paving has anti-slip properties that help to limit the risk of injury.

Innovative rubber surfacing technology

Your asphalt cracked or faded? Do you have gravel and pick it up every year on the grass? Your pool deck is cracked and uneven and you need a refresh on your outdoor surfaces? Ecoflex Paving has the solution for you!

Ecoflex Paving is an ecological paving company offering an ideal alternative to asphalt. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly product made from 100% recycled tires.

Eco Paving is an environmentally friendly coating that adheres perfectly to any surface of gravel, concrete, cracked asphalt or paving stones. This innovative and durable product, offering a minimum of 5-year warranty against cracking, greatly reduces the costs and risks of ground movement by preventing the surface from being removed. Existing for more than 20 years in Western Canada, the blend of 100% recycled tires with our polyurethane binder gives a high performance resistance and has a minimum lifespan of 30 years. The rubber coating allows to make large surface without major joint, will not be damaged by the oil, will not discolor with the years and therefore will require no maintenance or sealant. With a drying time of 24-48h, ecological paving also reduces CO2 emissions using no major machinery

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Nouvelles couleurs disponibles

Le pavage 100% en pneu recyclé est utilisé pour les contours de piscine, aires de jeux, marches et trottoirs, etc. Écologique, durable, résistant et économique, le pavage en pneu recyclé est une solution idéale.

Available colours

The rubber coating is offered in several colours. The combination of several colours provides a textured effect.


A rubber floor covering can be installed on multiple surfaces such as asphalt, epoxy, wood, steel, aluminum or even stone.

Free Estimate

Ecoflex Paving can provide you with a Free estimate regarding your paving solution. Unlike concrete and asphalt, Ecoflex Paving offers a 5-year warranty on products, against cracking and we support a warranty on all applications of our workers, from the date of execution of the work of this contract.

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