Price and estimate

Price estimate based on a cost of $5.50 per square foot, including delivery, preparation and installation costs.

The price may vary if the parking lot has a significant drop in height or if the parking surface has cavities to correct before ecological paving is applied.

Advantages of Rubber Rinse

Rubber surface offers a multitude of benefits and offers an alternative to concrete and asphalt.


The rubber is very malleable and therefore resistant to temperature changes. Does not discolour or crack and resist chlorine, salt and calcium.


The rubber coating is made from 100% recycled tires. This unique product reduces CO2 emissions without using big machinery.


Rubber paving has anti-slip properties that help to limit the risk of injury.

Free Estimate

Ecoflex Paving can provide you with a Free estimate regarding your paving solution. Unlike concrete and asphalt, Ecoflex Paving offers a 5-year warranty on products, against cracking and we support a warranty on all applications of our workers, from the date of execution of the work of this contract.

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